The Difference Detween Sexy and Slutty

Let’s face it girl, we all want to look sensual and wear clothes that absolutely catch the eye. There always seem to be people in your life that just know how to put things together and come off in a classic seductive way. But in our search for the eternally sexy, there are those that sometimes forget the rules and instead of attractively seductive, they give off the slut look. So how do you circumvent that fine line? It’s easy with a few simple rules.
First rule is that terribly tight is not right. Really look at your shape and make sure that the outfit dress, top or skirt is body hugging, but not too much. The difference between slutty and sexy are very obvious in something that is just too tight.

The next rule of thumb is to choose the right color and cut. Follow the guidelines for your skin and hair tone for the best colors for you. Black may be a fall back color, but black is not always the best color for everyone. Just because it’s a designer favorite, also doesn’t mean that the cut of an outfit is good for your body shape. Too many cut outs or choppiness stops the eyes in too many places. Short and cut everything loses the effect. However, a gentle cut that accents the curves can be sexy, even if it’s in a long look.

Hottest Bikini Styles and Colors for this Season

Choosing the right bikini goes beyond just a fav color or look. Your suit has to fit your body shape and compliment your particular dips and curves. You are probably tired of last year’s bikini and have begun your trek for a new and more spectacular suit. Don’t let this decision overwhelm you, the good news is there are some delicious choices and styles for the season that are designed to impress.
First, you need to know that vintage is back. The sultry and curvaceous Marilyn Monroe suit has made a return to the runway and has a modern twist. The shorts style bottoms and sexy support top that Marilyn was known for has been updated with belts and cut outs. Another hot trend is the mismatched look: a different bottom and top in colors that complement each other and you. In your search for the perfect bikini you will also be seeing a lot of digital prints. There are some incredibly sizzling prints including seascapes, city landscapes and full animal prints. Many of these offer alternating print styles that compliment and accent the body. The always popular Greek Goddess look has returned, bringing luscious wraps and one shoulder twists. This style is a definite eye-catcher, but be sure to select the color that works with your skin tone and highlights your tan.

Matching and Choosing the Best Color for Your Skin Tone

There are an awful lot of people walking around in fashion colors that they simply love, but that look devastatingly horrible on them. The usual reason for this is that they have selected a favorite color that simply doesn’t compliment their skin and hair color. No matter what we may love, some colors and shades look better and others can be a disaster.
The general rule of thumb for colors that match skin tones relates to the seasons of the year: spring, summer, fall and winter. Winter colors are usually of the lighter skin tone variety and your colors can include yellow. Darker tones for winter include anything with a blue or pink blend. Black can look great, but the browns are shades you need to stay away from. Pinkish skin tone means you are a summer and you should be wearing pastels. Keep away from Halloween colors (except on the holiday). Autumn skin tones usually fall into the category for people with auburn, red hair and brunettes. The best colors for autumn people are oranges, browns and earth tones. The worst selection is black or white. If you are a lighter skin tone, you are a spring and your colors are greens, yellows and blues. Stay away from black and white, as they will not do you justice.

The Maxi Print: Heaven, Horror or Somewhere in Between

The origins of the fashion maxi print is probably due to the sixties pop culture. Bold, brash and sometimes bizarre color combinations were meant to express the artistic exposures of the day. The maxi dress became a popular concept and was adopted by the free love culture all the way to suburban housewives. Some of these creations were flowing images of beauty, however, there were, some moments of the fashion past that needed to be forgotten and advice to everyone to not repeat them again.
The right maxi can be a fashion delight. The color combination, pattern and motif needs to be one that accents your personal color palette. It can be a perfect grab and go item that needs only minor accessories and still makes you look fabulous. The choice of the wrong maxi can be a disaster for you personally and due to its length make you look more akin to a circus tent or street advertisement than the fashion statement that you wanted.

Khaki, Infantry and the Desert Look: Colors, Combos and Advice

The military look first appeared as a fashion statement during the Gulf War. In support of troops, guys started wearing camo everything; from underwear to t-shirts, the world was awash with the look of camo. It took (of course) the women to show them how it’s done, and today the infantry look has expanded into an array of styles, colors and designs.

In the last few years, the khaki jacket has become a mainstay for the celebrity to grab-and-go out. But, not everyone seems to have it down when it comes to how to wear the jacket. If worn with the wrong top, it can look frumpy. But if worn a bit oversized, with the right top, it can fit the bill.
Matching the right colors for the military fashion statement is fairly easy. Start with one piece that will be the main focus, or anchor piece. This is typically the most vibrant pattern in dark or light tones of khaki or green. Add the other pieces in neutral tones of champagne, white, black or even gray. The real appeal about infantry styling is that you can mix and match some of the hottest colors like cinnamon or poppy red and they will be your anchor piece.

Express Your Inner You with Your Perfect Tank Top Colors

It’s hard to say when the tank top became an actual single item to wear as a wardrobe choice. Maybe it was part of the beachwear explosion or influenced by the Madonna era. But slowly, the tank top is the choice of almost everyone and represents summer fun and excitement.

The tank has become an essential commodity. With its incredible flexibility of wearing alone or in layers, it has evolved from the lowly top into a complete wardrobe must have. Tanks today are in so many colors and styles that they are compared to the evolution of the t-shirt.
The shades and tones that are the hottest for this year start out with the pastels and girly-girl looks. These are fantastic as stand alone wear or can be worn with your favorite bikini. But the story doesn’t stop there, the tank has been elevated into a total look with the newest hot colors. Summer brings greens, pale yellows, apricots, persimmon, blues and purples. Color combinations of reds and cinnamon are for the adventurous, but there is also a natural girl look that includes neutral tones and the desert colors of khaki, tan, brown, off-white and champagne.

The Fav Jumpsuit: Colors, Looks and Styles

There is a perfect jumpsuit for every look and today’s colors bring a selection from the demure to the outrageous. With summer comes the shorter appeal for every day, and evening brings the sultry style with strapless creations that show off the tan.

The jumpsuit was catapulted into popularity in the sixties with the famous British television show, The Avengers. The incredible wit, charm and intellect of Mrs. Emma Peal, brought the show to the forefront. Her incredible array of jumpsuits made it easy for her to take out the bad guys with her martial arts agility. Thanks to that show, the jumpsuit has evolved over the years, from the tight outfit Mrs. Peal wore to the parachute styles in the seventies and eventually to the array of colors and cuts that are available today.
This year we are seeing a lot of desert shades, tans, browns, gray and neutrals as a base color for the jumpsuit. There is also an array of color blends that are showing up in patterns and prints, that include the shades of blue combined with varying purple tones. The colors of nature are an easy choice for the jumpsuit, as you can add so many exotic and Native American jewelry accents. The look can change from a day shopping to an evening get together in a snap.

New Time, New Era, New Colors

We are in the middle of a technology explosion that is supposed to have made our lives easier. While we hurry to read and text, respond to emails and keep up with our bff’s, there seems to be a lot of confusion about identity. Fashion and colors are a perfect example of this confusion as we add new colors to our wardrobe palette that combine the tech with a desire to return to nature.

Our world is becoming very ecology savvy and this brings a new attitude in what and how we wear fashion. The infusion of khaki, greens and neutral tones bring a level of sanity to our existence, while we are inspired by the bursts of rich blues and purples that entice the senses. The wildly bold take a leap into the crimson, cinnamon and tomato tones and we don’t even realize that these are all colors of the natural world. We are being driven by technology but our inner selves are demanding natural beauty which means new colors.

new colors

The shades of blue are being seen more and more, as we adapt to the calming influence of that tone. Pastels, sea blue, turquoise, dark regal blue: all are appearing in outfits and on the runways. Easy to wear denim in all of its forms are being taken to another level with variations on a more natural and carefree look. Some wear it well in its simplest form, but others seem to express their confusion with just a bit too much. Alas, the beauty of denim is lost in the maze of color and mess.

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