Leaves may be dropping but as you step forward into fall…don’t you DARE drop your beauty regime…after brushing your teeth, tying up your hair, caping your contact lens case shut, peeling your false lashes off – do what I do…reach for a TUFF & TRUSTED makeup wipe like LA FRESH.

YEP, there are a million brands to choose from out there but not all wipes are created equal. These babies are packed with au natural goodies like: papaya, pineapple, cucumber, aloe, vitamin C & vitamin E, jojoba yet free of oil, dyes, sulfates, alcohol, petrochemicals, parabens and get this — their materials are 100% biodegradable.

Waterproof Performance!


Just think, rather than wasting water down the drain, you can conserve both energy and the ecology one wipe at a time;-)

And oooooh wee, you can buy the full size pouch for $9.99 or pack some singles for your overnight travels (wink wink)…!!!