Every once and a while I go through phases where I’m addicted to looking at home decor magazines and home decor websites – hoping to find some inspiration to spruce up my home.

For many years, I’ve had a thing for dimly lit spaces, oversized furniture, and darker hues.  But lately I’ve been drawn to muted walls with vibrant pops of color, mismatched furniture mixed with Scandinavian minimalism – making my current apartment not that appealing to me.

While I have some great end tables, lamps and vintage artwork – my apartment is definitely lacking a sense of overall style.  But I’m hoping with just a few updated pieces, I can create a cozy oasis just in time for the cooler months (when most of my time is spent at home).

Instead of buying a whole new set of furniture – try rearranging your space, paint a wall or a door, opt for new curtains or add some interesting pops of color.  Stop by a local flea market for some great accent pieces – you’ll be sure to find mirrors, frames, end tables and kitschy items (for that much needed touch of personality).  Also, be sure to visit websites like, Pinterest and Decor8 for some inspiration and easy DIY projects.

Just be sure you know the overall look you’re going for and with just a few easy fixes – voilà – you’re home will feel fresh and new!