For the first time, online shopping has become the preferred shopping channel for multi-channel consumers, surpassing stores, says a new consumer survey from The E-Tailing Group Inc. Consumers prefer shopping online because they are able to locate harder to find products, they have access to greater selections, they can avoid crowds at malls and it saves them time and money. Even with all of these great benefits to e-commerce, fashion and apparel retailers still face many obstacles when selling items online. One of the biggest obstacles is the customers desire to “try on” or see how they would look in an item before they buy.

Thanks to a new mobile app called Divalicious, customers can now virtually “try on” clothes sold online. With the app, consumers can select clothes to try on and virtually “see” what they will look like in the pieces – It’s a virtual dressing room!

How it works: Customers upload a full-body image of themselves onto virtual mannequins within the app. Customers select the clothing to place over their virtual mannequins to get an idea of what the items will look like. Divalicious is said to bring more than 300 popular brands, comprised of almost one million items of apparel, shoes and accessories for women, men, children and infants under one roof . In addition, there are options to browse products by Brand, Store, Size, Color, Occasion, Price and/or Sale. Then, once you find something you like, you can click to order and the application will transfer you to the mobile website from where you can proceed. Finally, some other features also come included, such as wish list and sharing capability.

“You no longer need to go to the stores to see what you would look like in a dress from BCBG, shoes from DSW or a handbag from Saks,” said Rich Kessler, chief technology officer at Weyrich Enterprises – the company that released the app.

When you shop through Divalicious, everything is in one place for you. Find out more about the new app Divalicious.