Day six of my 30 Day Lifestyle Blogging Challenge is about my greatest accomplishment of the day. I was feeling a bit sluggish and disappointed in myself today. At work new projects keep piling up and I feel like I won’t get ahead of the workflow until Holiday is over, and I really hate not being on top of my business because I’m playing catch up on random side projects.

SO – I have to say that my greatest accomplishment today was my five-mile run. I’ve run five miles a day for about a week now. I’m really trying to get my time down (I’m a very slow runner). Today I finally came in at a decent time and that made me feel great. Hopefully I can keep making progress and move onto more mileage early next week (I’m running a half marathon 11/6 – and I’m extremely behind on my running program).

Here’s the outfit that got me through my greatest accomplishment of the day.

image of running outfit