Earlier this year I introduced readers to Inspirare.com via a Q&A with the CEO and design team. The concept operates on a business model that leverages social media to promote fashion designers so much so that the most popular designs get vetted through the Inspirare team – and soon after a handful of pieces will be produced and sold under the designers label on Inspirare.com. Inspirare foots the production bill. The designer gets a cut of every sale made.

Just this week Inspirare’s eCommerce store launched with a selection of pretty dresses by five of the winning designers (of a hundreds of entries). Check out the items, and learn more about each designer, their inspiration, and the Inspirare team story today.

image of Bella dress by Nami

image of Miss Marble Dress by Alejandra De Coss

image of alexa dress by lila and june

*phone source:  Mark Rutherford