The professional world is going back to work today for the first time since Thanksgiving. Regardless of how functional or dysfunctional your family is, if you spent time with them over the Holiday weekend you’ve probably done your fair amount of reflecting on your time with them, ie: the awkward moments, strange conversations, things you said, meant to say but didn’t, etc.

Hopefully there has been some water cooler talk today at the office that has also helped you realize your family is amazing…or not THAT bad after all. In case this hasn’t happened (yet), you should swing by the History Channel Store and check out the Dysfunctional Family movie assortment Scott Youngbauer of ScreenPicks put together. Buy, rent, or download one of these titles to watch ASAP and you’ll quickly realize your family is no that bad! Scott’s dysfunctional movie list is complete with The Royal Tenenbaum’s, Savages, and The Shining.