Max Osterweis and Erin Beatty, the design duo behind Suno, has blown us away with their mix of beachy-tropical prints and patterns, as well as their use of the boldest and palest colors. The striped orange cardigan in the collection would pair just as well with a cashmere turtleneck as it would over a bandeau, and the florals were quite intentionally printed over a heavier chambray. When you consider that pattern in this collection was a head-to-toe uniform, and not Suno’s usual mixed-media fare, then the overall look was actually more approachable. Combining three prints in one outfit is no small feat, even for the most seasoned stylist, but wearing a printed bikini to the beach is a sunny proposition for us all.

“Resort is always less about artistic expression and more about having fun….After all, isn’t going on vacation supposed to be about having a good time?” Besides tongue-in-cheek souvenir shirts, that sense of play left room for plenty of charming Suno-isms, including hypercolored tropical-print button-downs and necklaces fashioned from South American worry dolls. After the more serious and grown-up mood of fall, that carefree exuberance felt right, and it’s hardly surprising that Hawaii, the ultimate in kitsch picture-postcard American getaways, was Suno’s source of inspiration.” said designer Erin Beatty.

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