As many readers may know I’m obsessed with big and curly eyelashes, especially since I was born with small and straight ones. When I first started writing for Style Bust I posted a review on an Eyelash Enhancement Serum, which has worked great, I do have longer lashes, except they’re still straight.

I regularly try and review mascaras and even gave my Top Four Mascaras chosen from ten different ones I tried. Now my new obsession is to purchase an amazing eyelash curler that I think is not on the market yet. I was at a cousin’s house and I don’t recall how, but the topic came into eyelashes and my woes. She proceeded to boast about a curler that was too good to be true so of course, I had to try it. She got it from one of those promotional goody bags you receive at Macy’s after buying a certain amount of product. I used the curler and after a few seconds and with a light touch my lashes were huge and curled! I put on some mascara and the effect remained intact the rest of the day. The only thing that identified the maker of the curler was the Lancome rose.



Armed with that knowledge, I’ve been searching for the curler physically in stores and online to no avail. So earlier this week I submitted a note to Lancome asking about it, no word yet, if they respond I’ll update this post.


In the meantime I found this one from Tarte which has the same shape as the one my cousin has.



I bought this one at Sephora site, it’s the Tarte Picture Perfect Duo. It works well, the lashes get a nice curl that in my case lasts about an hour before they go back down. With this said if you have eyelashes that easily curl, then this curler from Tarte is awesome and will make your lashes look great! In my case, I’ll keep searching.