If you’ve been hunting around for something unique for your walls and feel that paint or decals won’t cover it, you’re in luck! Welcome to the world of 3D wallpaper where walls are bold, daring, and interactive! Swedish designers Hanna Nyman and Kicki Edgren Nyborg of Kredema have been causing quite a stir on the design blogosphere with their cutting-edge wall designs that literally cause the color to pop right out of the walls. Love it? Think it’s too much? Whatever you may think, these wall statements will surely get your attention. (Just be careful with small children and pets!)

by Hanna Nyman

Off the Wall: Curve by Kredema (Nicki Edgren Nyborg)

Hanna Nyman’s line of interactive wallpaper lets users peel back sections to create their own customized 3D wall sculptures.

Interactive Wallpaper by Hanna Nyman

Design firms like Graham & Brown and MioCulture have their own lines of 3D wallpaper. Graham & Brown’s Shape and Form collection boasts an array of dark, sleek, masculine patterns while MioCulture’s PaperForms exude vibrant playfulness.

Graham & Brown's Shape & Form Collection: Checker-Black

PaperForms Flow by MioCulture

PaperForms Ripple by MioCulture

PaperForms Ripple by MioCulture