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image of Robert Sweet William eyebrow expert
I’m a huge fan of full eyebrows. I’ve actually been trying to grow mine in forever (5 years) with little success. I was thrilled to come across this well written post about 5 no-fail eyebrow tips from no other than industry expert himself, Robert Sweet William. Here are the tips:

  1. Be Prepared: Start with the right tools: a good pair of tweezers, scissors, and brow powder or pencil are essentials.
  2. Beware Of Trends: Bushy eyebrows may look great on the runway, but for real life, choose a classic shape that will stand the test of time.
  3. Go Straight Ahead: The eyebrow hair should lay nice and flat to the skin, but do not round them. Instead, keep the thickness even and straight.
  4. Step Away From The Tweezers: Don’t over-tweeze! A defined shape is crucial, but going overboard with tweezers can lead to barely-there brows. If you think you’ve overdone it, step away and make an appointment with a brow specialist ASAP.
  5. Guy-Brows Need Grooming Too: Many men are unnecessarily tweezer-shy. Just clean up your brows and trim the long hairs. Go with the natural shape of the brow—no forced arches.

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