image of obvilux logo
OBVILUX is a new site launched by three Bay Area girls. The site will become you’re home for finding and sharing all the best products and clothes you come across while shopping. There are currently 200+ stores on OBVILUX that you can follow and Lux (which is the equivalent of Google’s +1). Stores include modcloth, 80spurple, nastygal, and lulus to name a few. The point is, they are all extremely trend and fashion forward retailers, so you’ll be rubbing shoulders with the trendiest people!

OBVILUX will become the perfect place for girls and boys a like to store and share the clothing, accessories and makeup you want to buy. Why you might ask, well for starters you’ll no longer need to search endlessly through your emails to try to find links to these products. Oh, and OBVILUX rewards the most active sharers who earn the Lux Life. You can even become a Brand Ambassador. Get access to OBVILUX now!

Here is a sneak peek of what people are sharing on the site:

Obvilux examples
image of hm yellow dress
image of hm leather charm necklace
image of mark and james maybel platforms