Nickie FryeStyle Bust: Describe your current collection.

Nickie Frye: First of all, thanks so much for interviewing me! You guys rock! My current collection is sort of hippie, boho, rocker chic with a heavy dose of the 80’s. When you sell vintage clothes & accessories, it’s sort of the luck of the draw in a way. Basically I grab whatever looks cool & isn’t too expensive. Keeping my prices low is an important part of my customer service. I think there are two fundamental aspects of buying vintage that make it a thrilling & addictive experience: 1. Finding cool, unique things that no one else will have. 2. Getting a good deal.

SB: When and why did you start your business?

Nickie Frye: I started my business in June of 2008, about a year after my second child was born. The main motivation was to make money on the side so I could buy shoes without my husband hassling me. HA! I quit my job as a Buyer when I had my first child in 2006. I missed having some sort of project or employment, & I wanted to find something I could do from home so I could still be with my kids. I’ve bought & sold vintage since I was a teenager, so it’s pretty much second nature for me.

Style Bust: You have such unique pieces. Where do you find them?

Nickie Frye: That’s a trade secret! Kidding. I used to hunt at garage sales & flea markets, but now I’ve got two little ones with me & time is of the essence. I usually hit local thrift shops & estate sales. A lot of groundwork goes into each piece.

Style Bust: Did you get any ideas/fashion pieces from older friends or relatives?

Nickie Frye: My mom turned me on to thrift shops, garage sales, & flea markets when I was a kid. It was fun to wander around, find Halloween costumes, make fun of/marvel at wacky clothes that NEVER should’ve been produced, & find unique treasures. We still do it to this day, in fact! A couple of weeks ago we found a metallic silver quilted zip up bathrobe that was stiff enough to stand up without a body inside of it. In retrospect I should’ve bought that cuckoo thing & scared my husband with it. HeeHee!

Style Bust: What big fashion trends are you seeing this season?

Nickie Frye: Southwestern inspired pieces are everywhere. Ponchos. Capes. Faux fur. Unusual textured sweaters. Platforms (may they live forever). Ankle boots. Grunge revival. Etc…

Style Bust: Which trends are your favorite/least favorite?

Nickie Frye: I’m definitely a hippie rocker chick, so I love bell bottom jeans, platforms, leather, Indian prints, fringe, & I have a weird love for patterned socks. I do love classic pieces too, though. You need to have cool basics to mix with the more wacky pieces or you’ll look like an idiot. As far as least favorites go, I sort of never say never. The only look I really hate is a cheap, slutty look. Skanky dressing is uncomfortable for everyone involved. Don’t do it. Also, right now I’m particularly repulsed by overly embellished bags & jeans. Blech.

Style Bust: What are some tips on how to create your own style?

Nickie Frye: First of all, you need to have some classic, basic pieces. You know, cute flattering jeans (Gap is a good place to start, honestly), solid color basic sweaters of reasonable quality (I like French Connection for this), basic black dress, basic t-shirts (long & short sleeved), etc… If you have the basics, you can easily mix them up with unusual accessories or an unusual jacket or blouse. When you’re looking for these “unusual” pieces, you’ve got to go with what speaks to you, not what someone else says is trendy or whatever. It’s always easier & more natural to wear pieces that you fundamentally respond to. And just use ONE per outfit if you’re unsure.

Style Bust: What pieces of fashion do you consider timeless?

Nickie Frye: Hmmmm…… well anything that has a basic silhouette & good quality fabric is going to be a timeless investment. Honestly, I’m not really a timeless investment gal. I buy what I like, wear it for a while, & get rid of it when I’m over it. The exceptions to this rule are higher priced items like bags or shoes. Timeless is the way to go with these types of items. But by “timeless” it must mean that it’s timeless for YOU- that is a style that YOU will always love & feel comfortable in. For one person that could be cowboy boots & fringe leather jackets, for another person it’s stilettos & trench coats. Know what I mean?

Style Bust: What are some of your favorite/must-have accessories?

Nickie Frye: SHOES! I’m an addict. (Sssshhhh!! Don’t tell my husband I confessed!). I’m also a big fan of Native American jewelry, but it’s an expensive investment. I love bags but I am extremely persnickety about the functionality of a bag & I have yet to find the perfect bag. I do consider it a must-have accessory though, wherever it is hiding. Oh, and a good pedicure. That’s a must.

Style Bust: What trends do you think will return from previous generations?

Nickie Frye: They all will. Yeah, pretty much. And the ones you really hate will totally come back because they are likely to be the ones that made the biggest statement during an era. Like big, hip-hop pants. God help us. But don’t worry, I’ll be selling them in my shop when they come back so you’ll know where to get em. HeeHee!

Style Bust: What are your goals for the future?

Nickie Frye: I am planning on launching my own shop (independent of etsy) at some point, growing my blog, producing small runs of my own designs, & picking up work from cool independent designers.

Style Bust: What other interests do you have besides fashion/retail?

Nickie Frye: Nothing else interests me. Kidding! I’m all about my family. Being a mom is my primary job. I love hanging out with these little cuties. I’m really involved in my church. I force myself to run. I’m a big fan of BBQ’d anything. I try to get out with my fabulous girlfriends as often as possible. Probably my favorite thing is going wine tasting with my husband, though.

Style Bust: Where can readers get in touch with you and purchase your products?

Nickie Frye: