I have been asked what my home office work set up is like many times. What computers and devices I use, how geeky/cool I really I am, etc. So to close the year, I thought I’d fill you in! I run this blog, work a 9-5 (not from this office), have a consulting gig, run an Alumni chapter, and have side projects I work on at the same time. Having a good working environment for my home projects is really important. Here are the items I use every day to make it through my projects effectively.


image of Style Bust Computers

I use a Dell studio XPS laptop with a 17 inch screen, i7 with a backlit keyboard & Blu-Ray. It’s a great little device (though noisy at times) and the speakers aren’t bad! The battery lasts about 6 hours, works for me! Secondary devices include w Dell widescreen monitor, an iPhone 4 and an iPad 2 (just got this for Christmas from my in-laws). The computer set up is fantastic with the second monitor. Having an iPhone and iPad keep me connecting when I’m not at my desk. That said, I still need long breaks from the computer everyday to keep sane. Eating, Books, TV, the gym and meditation are among the top things I do while away from my computer.

The Office:

Style Bust Office

I share this office with my husband, Tyler, who has way cooler gadgets…but this post is about me, not him! I’ve been told that if you are in a happy environment you will work better. This space is great for me, I’m not sure it makes me particularly happy, but it doesn’t upset me either, so I think I’m good!

The Chair:


I recently upgraded from a Pottery Barn Teen chair (bought years ago from a sample sale while working for Pottery Barn) to an adult Steelcase office chair. I’ve had more back, neck and shoulder pain this year. So more than ever, I realize the benefits of sitting in a comfortable and supportive chair.

Office Inspiration:

I keep cards and other inspirational art, magazine clippings, etc. on a wire frame right above my desk. It’s nice to glance up from time to time and remember who and what inspires me.

Soma San Francisco

I also have a fantastic view of Soma (there’s lots of fog in this photo). I can see into other offices and apartments. It’s nice to see other people roaming about to remind me that I’m not alone!