For those on your shopping list who enjoy the journey of life and not just the destination, give them the gift of discovery and adventure! From the curious chef and mixologist to the star gazers and nature enthusiasts, the Discovery Store offers some amazing finds for the young at heart.

  1. LED Kitchen Garden – For the farm to table chef extraordinaire, give the gift of year-round fresh herbs, small fruits or vegetables with the LED Kitchen Garden! Green thumb or not, this garden extends the growing season in warm and cold climates. And for the practically minded, this environmentally conscious growing genie can run for about 12 years when operated for 20 hours a day, and grow up to 72 plants at one time, using barely any energy. Go green!
  2. Moonshine comes out of the still as clear as water, but the practice of moonshining is neither clear cut nor legal in some states! Nevertheless, fans of the show can appreciate the Moonshiners Mason Jar Shaker for its signature vintage kitchen appeal. Any DIYers on your list, whether they make their own pickles and jam to crafts and masterpieces, would love this unique piece in their home.
  3. Gift the ocean lover on your list the Celestron Oceana Binoculars to make every moment spent on the water a memorable one! While waterproof and specially designed for marine use, it’s also useful for various land based observations with optimal brightness even in low light conditions, like dusk and dawn. Celebrate their love of exploration and appreciation for nature.
  4. Whether they enjoy watching the show or truly getting their hands dirty, fans will love Dirty Jobs’ LED hat, which makes any task at hand that much more enjoyable with the proper amount of light. Give Dirty Jobs’ fans this handy hat and tool in one and with the press of a button, they’re ready to go without fuss or muss!
  5. The 4-disc Life series on DVD is the must have for everyone on your list! From the same makers of the fan favorite Planet Earth series, Life examines the amazing survival of plants and animals using super high tech cameras to capture footage in habitats on all of the planet’s continents. Narrated by global media leader and philanthropist Oprah Winfrey, this epic television series Life shows us the spectacular, bizarre, and fantastic journey of all living things.
  6. For a touch of whimsy and practical utility, this Onyx Globe makes an attractive and clever addition to any space be it the office, library, or living room. Make sure to gift the globe trotter on your list this beautiful piece and be prepared to brush up on country boundaries, capitals, major cities and bodies of water!
  7. Every card shark needs a set of Shark Week Shark Playing Cards! What would a game of poker be without this deck? It is perfect for game night any time of the year and of course awesome for Shark Week! Your shark lover will love that these cards feature a different image on every card. Go on and take a big chomp out of your holiday shopping!
  8. Eliminate the possibility of a dull desktop with this MythBusters Jamie + Adam Bobblehead Set! For the Mythbuster fans on your list, gift these bobbleheads that will brighten any space and lift spirits with the press of a button. These guys says things like, “I’m not sure what it’s gonna do, but it looks cool,” “Big boom, big boom, big boom!” and, “Danger is my middle name!”  Entertained Mythbuster fan confirmed.
  9. The perfect gift for the person on your shopping list who stops to look up at the stars is the Orion SpaceProbe 3 Altaz Reflector Telescope! A great user-friendly beginner telescope, this reflector features great optical and mechanical quality and minimal set up and maintenance, so they can enjoy the beautiful night sky.
  10. Treat your chess and checkers gamer or enthusiast to the Discovery Kingmaster Chess Set! Perfect for travel and play between two players or single player vs. the computer, this gadget also saves games so players can pick up where they left off and practice their game strategy!
  11. Give the gift of a retro classic with this Purple Orange Designer Lava Lamp! Whether the lava lamp is a throwback for your 60s fanatic or making its modern debut to contemporary fans, it is a crowd pleaser! Updated with a new base, the classic formations of lava oozing and spreading add a relaxing and groovy glow to any space.