Get your nerd on.  Let your freak flag fly!  Whether you’re shopping for your own inner nerd or just those on your holiday shopping list, this gift guide of 11 geektastic items under $50 is chock full of ideas for the geek inclined and geek curious.

  1. Mini Microscope for Iphone $29.99
  2. Star Trek Keyboard $49.95
  3. Star Trek Monopoly Game $49.95
  4. Mythbusters: Season 7 DVD
  5. Scientists Do It Periodically T-Shirt $24.95
  6. Robot Evolution T-Shirt $26.95
  7. NCIS the Farting Hippo $44.95
  8. NCIS Test Tube Shot Glass $23.97
  9. Mythbusters Plausible Messenger Bag $44.95
  10. Green Lantern T-Shirt $26.95 Sci-Fi Science Seasons 1 &2 DVD $19.99
  11. Sci-Fi Science Seasons 1 &2 DVD $19.99

Geeks might get a bad rap, but when you boil it down geek culture is about exploring one’s curiosity and creativity.  So I say, geek out!  Two of the best in the biz are truth finders like Adam and Jamie.  With the Plausible! Confirmed! Busted! Bag, you too can stow away specimens for further research (or your lunch, whatevs).  And when you’re busy busting on the road, bring the lab with you.  No, not the whole thing, but with 60x magnification and LED lighting the mini-microscope Iphone attachment helps you view a microchip or plant specimen at a moment’s notice!

Speaking of getting up close and personal, forensic scientists need a moment to chill out after all that hard work, especially the crew on NCIS.  What better way to enjoy some libations than with test tube shot glasses and lighten the mood with Bert, the farting hippo.  Or take a page from Sheldon Cooper, everyone’s favorite Big Bang Theory guy, with seriously stylin’ Green Lantern garb. You’d better hurry before the Robot Evolution arrives.  It’s important to take the scientific method, break things down to the elemental level, you know Scientists Do It Periodically.  Er they do it . . . periodically?

You can even take a course on Sci-Fi Science Seasons 1-2, covering alien invasion to light sabers and teleportation!  Or prepare for the Robot apocalypse by gaming with gear that makes a difference.  The Monopoly Star Trek version is also serious entertainment and skills building!  And then there’s the pièce de resistance – the Star Trek Original Series USB Keyboard.  When the robot overlords come, look busy.