Day 26 of my 30 day blogging challenge is to post a bulleted list of my day.

Here goes:

  • 8:00am: woke up
  • 8:50am: left for work
  • 9:00am: arrived at work
  • 12:00pm: worked out at The Bay Club Financial District
  • 1:00pm: went to Cafe Madeline’s to grab my free mozzarella and tomato sandwich (I have their punch card that’s why it was free)
  • 1:10pm: back to work to eat at my desk
  • 6:00pm: headed to Kajan Padraig’s Studio in the Mission with Kristine. Kajan Padraig is making me a custom outfit that can easily transition from daytime to nighttime. Kristine is photographing to process for an upcoming blog post
  • 8:00pm: dinner with Kristine at Weird Fish
  • 10:00pm: ordered clothes from Asos
  • 10:10pm: ordered cosmetics from Sephora
  • 11:30pm: crawled into bed to catch up on the Daily Show and Colbert Report
  • 1:00am: went to sleep