Many months ago I did a post on Living Proof’s line of styling products, focusing on Frizz styling cream, straight making for medium to thick hair. I kept purchasing and using the product and last month when I ran out I went to Sephora to buy more, then I found out that particular product was discontinued and replaced with styling products that can be used for any type of hair.

When companies make a product that works wonders, that I love and then it is discontinued I feel cheated and decide to look elsewhere. This is how I started using Bumble and bumble Straight Blow Dry, even though I don’t blow dry my hair, I use a styling iron.

This balm helps deliver straight smooth, healthy-looking styles with movement. Its non-greasy, lightweight formula tames flyaways and frizz, protecting hair from heat-styling and humidity. It’s the ideal styling agent for curly, thick, coarse, unmanageable hair.

The first thing I noticed was the smell of the product, it’s a bit masculine, then I noticed the grey colors of the bottle and had to make sure I hadn’t bought a men’s styling product, I did not.

So far I’m not overly impressed with Bb Straight Blow Dry while the straight style lasts a couple of days, I did notice the slight curls I give the tips of my hair don’t last and once they’re gone I couldn’t get them back with my styling iron, plus I still had to fight the flyaways.

It could be that I’m not getting the desired results because I use a styling iron instead of a hair dryer, so in the meantime I’ll try new products and keep you posted.