A friend of mine, Chad Koosman, from Willmar High School (in Willmar, Minnesota) is raising money for Salvation Army. He’s created the biggest light show central Minnesota has ever seen!

Chad has a soft spot for helping people in need, which I vaguely remembered until I came across his amazing story on KARE 11, the Minneapolis news channel.

Please checkout the news story below, and Chad’s website: www.celebratethelight.net.

You can give to Chad’s online Red Kettle too!

About Chad

Growing up, I remember Chad was into a handful of extra circular activities. He worked really hard. He’s always been very entrepreneurial. I don’t remember a time when Chad wasn’t working during the nights and weekends. And he had so many ‘small businesses’ hardly any of us could remember everything he was involved in. He really loved to work! Chad was a bit of a rebel, he threw awesome parties while his parents were out of town. He lived in this huge house on the golf course (I think the only time I ever hit a golf ball was behind his parents house). Chad would often times invite me to skip school lunch with him; we’d hit up the local McDonald’s or Arby’s. The teachers and supervisors at school loved Chad, so skipping with him was usually a success. Chad could sweet talk his way out of almost anything! I have really fond memories of this guy, and it’s great to see him turn into such a giving man.

It’s sad, the most recent picture I have with Chad is from 2005. I think I’ve seen him twice since then.