A news story, a piece of art, a conversation starter, all in one wearable package.  I’m talking about T-Post, the Swedish based company that has created the world’s first wearable magazine.

T Post is a subscription based t-shirt shop. You basically sign up like a magazine subscription, but instead of magazines, you’ll get a t-shirt every 5-6 weeks (t-shirts cost about $26 per month).

Each issue features a news story on the inside, with an artists interpretation on the front.  The artwork is produced by different artists each month, with a short bio, giving readers the ability to look into their work.

And lets not forget about the packaging!

Not only is T Post making the news more interesting (and possibly less depressing), they only make what is ordered (however many subscribers there are each month is how many t-shirts they print).  Which means less environmental waste and makes for a very unique t-shirt.