As I get older I’ve become more aware of what types of clothing work for my body and personality. For me finding clothing for my body type wasn’t nearly as challenging as finding clothing for my personality – that’s because I have a pretty standard build.

I’ve noticed more and more that personal style plays a strong role in defining their image….and this is especially true of first impressions. Every day when we pick out our customized outfits, we’re saying “this is who I am today” to everyone we encounter.

Right now I’m working to bring a little more personality to my personal brand through my outfits. I’m literally thinking about this each morning. I ask myself these few questions (maybe you can play along too):

  • How do my clothes portray my personality?
  • What style of dress is appropriate for my job?
  • If I could wear anything to work today, what would I wear?
  • Whose style of dress do I like?
  • What do other people think about my clothes?

Fashion is something that gets people talking, and who doesn’t like a compliment? I believe that good can come from outwardly expressing personal style. In some form or another every brand makes a fashion statement. What statement does your brand make?

If you need personal styling assistance contact Style Bust Blogger Jessi at [email protected]. She is the best stylist I’ve ever worked with!