You’re a lovely person all the time. Ok most of the time. For Halloween, take a walk on the dark side and dress as the sinister angel with an insatiable thirst to kill – Dexter, everyone’s favorite serial killer.

Dexter by day is a blood spatter pattern analyst for the Miami Dade Police Department and by night a serial killer. He thinks he can quell human emotion, but has started to care for the few relationships in his life.

To develop Dexter the character, you’ll need to fight the Dark Passenger and make every effort to follow The Code. Does the need for human connection matter to you? Can you keep this dark secret? Allow for some signs of human emotion, and play up his psychological struggles. Oh the complexities of a double life!

The easy part is the costume. Start with a thermal Henley, and layer with a lab coat or apron and you’ll be able to put together Dexter’s full ensemble. Add a Dexter syringe, plastic knife, and a black trash bag as accessories to incorporate his tell-tale tools and have fun!

Men’s Dexter Kill Thermal | Analyst Lab Coat | Blood Splatter iPhone Case | Syringe Pen | Black Leather Gloves | Military Combat Boots | Cargo Pants