During the early 1900s it was considered risqué for suspenders to be visible in public.

Since then, suspenders have been featured at menswear runway shows. Occasionally I’ll spot a guy wearing them at weddings, and it’s actually really, really sexy! But unfortunately the men’s suspenders trend hasn’t hit the masses. Lately I’ve been seeing females sporting suspenders. I have to say I like this trend just as much on women as men. Oddly enough I don’t even find them that masculine looking on women.  The look is appealing to me, and probably those of you like me (who have loads of solid colored, basics in their closets) because suspenders spiffy up an otherwise simple outfit.

Here are some of the looks I’m loving.

image of womens suspender fashion trend
You can find suspenders for ladies all over the place online, like Amazon. I’m not a DIYer (I’m too lazy) but if you want to make your own suspenders A Beautiful Mess has a great guide.