image of green me for Going Green Juice PostWith the advent of high-speed blenders and “Cadillac” juicers, it’s time to take the extra step in Green Living.  After swearing off plastic bottles and going on recycling rampages, clean up the ecosystem that really matters.  We can go green on the inside by introducing fresh, raw vegetable juices into our lives.

Why? This is the #1 Question.
Green Juices Provide The Following:

  • Chlorophyll
  • Trace Minerals
  • Vegetable Protein
  • Enzymes
  • Alkalizing

It’s Gross!!  This is the #1 Complaint.
Ok…OK.  My first swallow of green juice nearly brought a tear to my eye.   I was use to drinking Grape Soda and then washing that down with Hawaiian Punch.   It’s an acquired taste.   The more it’s consumed, the easier it is on the stomach.

Getting started is simple.  A $20 blender will do.  Toss in your veggies, cover with water and blend! If you’re lazy (like me) stop into your local Whole Foods Market or an equal and they’ll juice it up for you.   Rookies should consume “light greens.”  Romaine, butter and endive lettuces have gentle/sweet flavors.  From there, easily digestible veggies can be added…a cool cucumber and celery mix…

Once the stomach adjusts, graduate to more bitter greens like collard, kale and mustard.  If the green drink is too sour, drop in a few of pieces of Granny Smith Apples or a sliver of mango.

Soon enough a chilled green drink will be as appealing as an iced Corona with a lime perched on top…maybe….

Drink of the Week – Green Lemonade – Kale, Cucumber, Lemon, Lime, Ginger – it burns so good going down!

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