For Fall/Winter 2010 we saw the emergence of layering turtlenecks for the first time in years. Each designer took a different approach toward the turtleneck execution, but I think everyone can agree that season-less, affordable dressing is a big trend for Fall/Winter 2010, as the world’s recession continues.

One method of layering we saw all over the runways was wearing a turtleneck under an outfit. Basic black, slouchy turtlenecks lead the way in terms of color, which is nice since the item isn’t hard to find. We recommend sticking to relatively thin fabrics, like cotton, sheer knits, or jersey. Remember, the thinner the material the less bulky of frumpy the outfit will look. Pairing your turtleneck with an open neckline is key because the look adds drama and depth to outfits that otherwise look flighty, out of season, or just too optimistic for Winter. For an evening look, wear a turtleneck underneath a sexy, plunging neckline dress and finish with a statement necklace.

We’re glad to have seen this look on the runway, and to be able to fully back it as a crucial winter affordable clothing strategy. Let’s face it, the layered turtleneck trend makes complete sense for winter since it adds a layer of warmth to any outfit from Spring or Fall. And, as I stated earlier, the best thing we can do these days is find great ways to reinvent what we already own since money is tight.

image of layering black turtlenecks Winter 2010

For the ultimate look, pair your ensemble with the following accessories: Floppy hats, leather gloves, chunky necklaces, belts with huge metal buckles, fishnet tights with black platform booties, brightly colored hair extensions.