Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! Cue the Korean drama montages—I just fell in love!! There I was, hopefully surfing the internet for furniture manufacturers that carried playful, bold renditions of rococo-era chairs for my story on King Louis XV design (“Coo coo for Rococo!” it was going to be called), when I stumbled across my DREAM CHAIR.

Gigi Chair

Gigi by Liv-Chic ($2,185.00)

I know, I know. I’m silly. Other people have dream cars; I have dream chairs. But I had seriously been yearning for the sure to be amazing visual effects of modernizing 18th century French furniture when I came across the online furniture Liv-Chic (www.liv-chic.com) and realized that I was not alone. Founded in 2007 by New York interior designer Hilary White, Liv-Chic specializes in modern, sassy Baroque furniture that is custom-made to fit your every last whim down to color, fabric, and finish (because, according to the website, a Liv-Chic girl “wants what she wants, how she wants”).

Liv-chic logo

The trend is called haute femme—bringing back the romanticism and luxurious plush comfort of eras past and adding whimsical modern twists. “There is a trend away from colder, contemporary environments to something that’s a little bit more plush, warm and eclectic,” says Wid Chapman, a Parsons School of Design professor. With its gilded frames and ornate curves (and endorsements from Madames Pompadour and Antoniette), it’s no wonder that French furniture has recaptured our hearts and fancies.

By Liv-Chic. Another possible twist to the Gigi chair. Love it, love it, love it!!!

From the BG at Bergdorf Goodman restaurant in New York. Ooh! Pretty blue chairs!

Each furniture design in the Liv-Chic line is given a female name, which is perfect as each piece pops princess personality. Add one or two of these lovely ladies to your home for instant drama and pizazz. Meet some of your royal highnesses here:

Evelyn ($1,980) and Maryana ($3,195)

Kate ($2,185) and Adelle ($3,375)

Adora ($2,735) and Anastasia ($1,875)

Seraphina ($1,940) and Vera ($3,860)

More haute femme in the weeks to come! I’m so excited!! -Beryl