As we continue to spend more time in our homes (as a result of the economy, working from home, entertaining on the cheap side, etc.) it’s important to continuously add more comfort to our home decor while creating luxurious and relaxing living rooms with impressive, personal and interesting decorating concepts. That said, 2012 is all about comfortable design, elegant style, luxurious materials and bright bursts of color.  The best place to start the living room decor transformation is with new luxury sofas.

Once the large furniture pieces are in place it’s time to begin adding glorious accent colors like emerald, amethyst, ruby and sapphire to the room.  Pick bold colors that create the right mood and energy level and fill the space with pillows, throws, rugs, curtains and event wall art in these colors. 2012 home decor is about fewer patterns, and more solid colors – so be sure that the burst of color makes a HUGE statement.

Mixing textures together is also important for interiors in 2012.  Layering light, silky fabrics with thick, luxurious wools and everything in between is big this year. If the room is made of exposed bricks you should add some dramatic velvet in the room. Stainless steel and wood furniture look fantastic together.

Modern wall color is all the range this coming year. Stick to the basic shades of whites and off-white colors for your room. Non-dramatic wallpaper consisting of plant and baroque patterns in light shades are also sure to be a hit.

Here are some examples of great looks for your living room. Find more great ideas on ELLE DECOR’s LookBook.

Let us know what style is your favorite!

image of 2012-living-room-decor

image of living-room-furniture

image of beautiful-cozy-living-room-design

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image of 2012-beautiful-modern-living-room-decor

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image of Modern-living-room-decor-2012

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image of ikea-2012-cool-living-room-design-ideas-white

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