With just two weeks until the Olympics begin in London, I’m as giddy as the next gal to witness magnificent athletic talent from around the world competing in the 2012 Games and I look forward to the spectacle just as much as the sports.

Details of the Opening Ceremony have been unveiled and while it purports to be markedly modest compared to Beijing’s 2008 (who would want to compete?), I am hopeful and intrigued to watch the British festivities celebrated in their characteristic style of non-fussiness.

British film director Danny Boyle acknowledges he won’t be able to please all tastes. Instead he’s going for “green and pleasant.”

Boyle will transform the Olympic Stadium into the mythical British countryside complete with meadows, maypoles, picnicking families, toiling farmers, cricketers on the village green showing us the “isle of wonder” with the intention of conveying the English sense of humor a la Monty Python.

I welcome the humor, the pleasantries and theatrics of it all. And what would the show be without costume. Have you seen Stella McCartney’s official Team GB kit?

This week, Team USA unveiled their ceremony parade outfits made by Ralph Lauren. The style was inspired by the 1948 Games, which is the last time that American competed in England.

Nike will supply competition uniforms for the U.S. and outfits for the medal stand. For the opening and closing ceremony attire, apparently, Ralph Lauren Company has officially outfitted Team USA for the last three games.


Take a look at the US uniforms through the years. Call me a critic, but I think there’s an excellent opportunity for CFDA to institute a fashion competition to spotlight fresh new American talent.

NY Designer Opening Ceremony recently debuted their Olympic Games inspired collection, and while probably better suited for sporting around the Olympic Village, I am thoroughly enjoying their playful sporty designs made in collaboration with Adidas Originals.

Opening Ceremony makes a cheeky nod to athletic style that still maintains the designer’s characteristically urban aesthetic. I want those hi-tops with hidden wedges!

Check out the full collection of neoprene styles with bold prints here.

Here’s hoping that we’ll be passing the fashion baton (ahem) torch to outfit us at the next games come Rio! Until then, let’s go team USA!