image of nele azevedo's 'melting men'

This story isn’t new, but I was thrilled to come across it and thought it was worth sharing here.

Last year, Brazilian artist and environmentalist Nele Azevedo created an art project called ‘Melting Men’. This project was meant to draw to the World Wildlife Fund’s warning, that melting ice caps could cause sea-levels to rise more than 3.3 ft by the year 2100. Azevedo’s ‘Melting Men’ consisted of 1,000 man figurines carved out of ice that were then intricately placed on the steps to the Concert Hall in Berlin’s Gendarmen Market Square. Since it’s summer in Berlin, with temperatures well into 70-83 degrees, the ice carved man figurines began to melt within 30 minutes.

image of nele azevedo's '1000 melting men'
image of nele azevedo's 'melting men' closeup

Image sources: Reuters and Nele Azevedo.

Watch this video about the project to learn more. And please, spread the word about this project, Nele Azevedo deserves the credit.