Skinny jeans have become a denim phenomenon to hit the fashion industry.  Skinny or tapered jeans were popularized by The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, and more.  Five decades later, the style has become the standard of denim, with people of all shapes, sizes, and preferences sporting these jeans.  They’ve been a favorite hit among hipsters, indie rockers, women and men of all ages, children, etc.  In addition to the range of fans, the particular style has proven to be incredibly versatile.  Whether one is tucking them into boots, wearing them under dresses or with long blouses, or indulging in jeggings, one cannot possibly refute the power of these jeans.  In fact, nearly every well-known denim designer has designed an array of skinnies: black, white, leopard, zippered, lace, you name it!  And nearly every retail establishment that carries denim has at least one style of the skinny jean.

image of Sienna Miller in Jean Leggings

Sienna Miller in Current Elliot Jeggings

image of closed denim

Close Denim Spring/Summer 2010

Kate Moss in Topshop denim

Kate Moss Topshop jeans

While this particular style remains hot, there’s some undeniable competition with other denim styles: wide leg, boyfriend, straight leg, etc.  In speaking with several fashionistas, including a hip designer for a renowned denim line, they’ve all agreed–“We’re bored with skinnies!”  Just as trends come and go, one definitely wonders, “Will skinnies last?  If so, for how long?” While I have been a fairly strong advocate for the dissemination of the skinny jean–I did work for a denim designer after all–I have always questioned this particular style, like many trends.  I, too, have wondered if the novelty will wear off.

In all honesty, there’s something refreshing about seeing someone sport a pair of comfortable, worn-in, unglamorous jeans.