One of my favorite things to daydream about is my ideal closet. I live in a 1200 sq ft apartment in downtown SF, so spacious closets and vanity areas are literally the stuff of my dreams.  As you’re about to see, I have some seriously high expectations for my dream closet space.

My dream closet is more of a dressing room than a closet.  Not only would it be a place to store my clothes, but also a place to put on my makeup and do all of  the “getting ready” tasks that I normally have to run between my closet and bathroom to do. There would be a chair and a side table so that I could chill in the closet, read magazines and drink champagne.image of white dressing roomI like the idea of a white-on-white or neutral color scheme so that I’d have a clean backdrop for putting together outfits and trying things on.

image of white on white closet room

In most closets the clothes are stored behind doors or tucked away in cabinets.  While I love the clean aesthetic that creates, I also like to see all my stuff at once.  This next picture reminds me of a clothing store (for whatever reason Mango comes to mind).  I like that everything is out, yet still looks neat.

clean closetI love the chevron counter top in this next image.

image of chevron vanity top

Finally, the purple closet. This one is decorated so well! I love that it incorporates the open closet and drawer space. The ceiling looks fantastic and the mirror is to die for!

image of purple dressing room

Which closet is your favorite?