I am not sure if San Francisco is too sincere with its variation of night life options or if Vancouver is a bit shy of them, or maybe its just my custom to being able to find something to do at any hour and anytime of the day in this city. Vancouver however, seems to get a bit sleepy after the sun sets, or so at least that may be something only us San Franciscans may experience while there. Even then however, we managed to ask enough locals about “the thing to do” that night in Vancouver and most people did not hesitate to say “Kill Joy.” So we hopped in a cab and headed to the trendy district of Yaletown to find this place and I immediately felt at home. When entering the top floor of Kill Joy one walks into a dark chamber of local wine on taps, being greeted by a deconstructed piano artfully covering the walls. The rest of the walls are of concrete and brick giving it a rustic and unforgiving look. The bar walls are covered with fetishist prints being lit by arcane neon-accentuated installations. Behind the bar lies a refrigerated installation of hanging artisan meats constantly reminding you of the “killing” phenomenon that had to take place before “enjoying” your meats and cheeses, both local and carefully chosen to pair with the wine selection. Looking at the main entry way you would never believe what lies beneath this floor. The down stairs room is made of Plexiglas installations over the many grafittied concrete walls being lit by black lights and tables which I found to be so modern they felt uninviting, yet I couldn’t help but want to sit and enjoy the experience. Downstairs one can also enjoy the DJ and the great selection of gin-forward cocktail list. Can you imagine this place? So paradoxical in nature, so intriguing, so uninviting, so hidden, a place I look at and call “Soooo San Francisco.” A place with the perfect balance of elements that will keep us coming back.


Image source: Vancouver Board of Trade, Donnelly Group, and Club Zone.