True Blood junkie?  Sci-Fi wonk?  Give a gift with a personal touch with these ideas inspired by pop culture, from silly to sporty. Under 50 smackaroos, there’s a great gift for everyone on your list that won’t break the bank.

  1. True Blood 2013 Calendar $13.99
  2.  True Blood Sookie Stackhouse Box Set by Charlaine Harris $39.99
  3.  Knicks Hoodie $ 38.97
  4.  Knicks Head and Wristband Set $14.95
  5.  Christmas Story Mug $12.95
  6. Christmas Story Movie Special Edition $26.98
  7. Christmas Story Board Game $25.95
  8. Best of Sherlock Holmes Collection DVD $11.98
  9. Windsor Castle: A Royal Year DVD $26.99
  10. Pride and Prejudice DVD Set (Swing Amaray Edition) $39.95
  11. Live long and prosper T-shirt $24.95
  12. Star Trek Enterprise Stainless Steel Water Bottle $24.95
  13.  Rubik’s Coasters Set of 6 $22.95
  14.  Rubik’s Cube USB Speaker $29.95
  15. Storage Wars Texas Season 1 DVD Set $19.95
  16. Storage Wars BW The Collector Motorcycle T-Shirt $26.95

Truly Vampirific?  Get them the True Blood 2013 calendar and start their year off on a fangtastic high.  And to match the set, add True Blood books to keep them stocked with this set of eight novels including HBO tie-ins to Sookie Stackhouse’s story.  If Bon Temps isn’t their thing, there’s always drama in Madison Square Garden thanks to the Knicks and their high-flying stars.  Knicks fans will love suiting up in this updated classic hoodie with contrast piping and sporting accessories like head and wrist sweat bands.  Or get a trio of Christmas Story gifts.   The old man would be proud to sip out of this Christmas Story mug with special leg handle.  The whole family can also get into the fun with the Christmas Story party game, ’cause fans know it by heart!  And while you’re at it put on the Special Edition of Christmas Story, featuring interviews, trivia, and trailers.

The perfect set of gifts for Anglophiles feature Sherlock Holmes, Windsor Castle, and Jane Austen.  Gift them these excellent bets: The Best of Sherlock films starring Basil Rathbone in this critically acclaimed series; the yearlong documentary of Windsor castle filmed by the BBC follows the royal family comings and goings; and finally the television adaptation of Austen’s Pride and Prejudice starring Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle remains a fan favorite.

For the sci-fi wonk, the Star Trek faithful will appreciate a daily reminder to Live Long and Prosper and the ability to stay hydrated in any star system.  And the similarly geek chic, gift them Rubik’s cube coasters or USB Speaker to add that retro flair of science + coolness.

Finally the high stakes bidding of Storage Wars.  Doesn’t everyone love treasure hunting?  Season One set in Texas encourages big bidding, ya’ll. To complete this gift, be sure to get the T-shirt featuring everyone’s favorite bidder and motorcycle collector, Barry.