Have you been doing any spring cleaning lately?  I don’t mean the kind where you effectively remove a boyfriend/girlfriend who is nothing but dead weight, I’m talking about actual cleaning.  As annoying as it is to set aside an entire day getting yourself dirty in order to make your home clean, the end result is always worth it: a sparkling clean, shiny home.  And being in a sparkling clean, shiny home makes me want to wear not the usual sweatpants and sweat-stained t-shirt that I still own from 8th grade.  I actually would prefer to wear sparkly, shiny things, too.

Miami Shadows Dress, $1,100 www.ramonarusu.com or www.ustrendy.com


Dress by Osman Ozdemir, $169 www.osmanozdemir.com or www.ustrendy.com


Bubble Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet, $1,999 www.finesavannahmoonjewelry.com


The Meg Dress, www.stephaniejamescouture.com