As the days get shorter and nights get colder I become more interested in staying indoors during my free time. I know I’m not alone on this, so why not give your friends and girlfriends presents that make them enjoy hibernation a little more? These luxury items are things us girls feel guilty buying for ourselves – therefore they make fabulous gifts!
image of Stay at Home Gifts for Her

  • New wine glasses are on everyone’s wish list. Get your girls Braided Pewter Stemware by Patrick Meyer $68.00. They will hold onto these non-traditional, artistic glasses for many holidays to come. The braided wine glasses are what I call ‘show stoppers’.
  • If you have a friend who watches a ton of TV and movies at home the Camp Blanket Booty Buddy $78.00is an ideal gift for them. This poncho/blanket puts the slanket and snuggie to shame!
  • If the home decor junkie is on your gift list, give them colored Chroma Candlestick holders $28. The colors and lacquer finish SCREAM 2011 home decor and fashion trends. This home decor junkie will really appreciate your understanding of color palettes.
  • Do you have friends who love hard liquor? Class up these trashy friends with a Decanter and Shot Glasses Set $27.99. This set is simple and timeless.
  • Um Leather Pillows $75-$179…these are to die for. I don’t think these will bring anyone comfort, but they will bring people joy because of their beauty and originality. This is a super safe gift bet in my opinion (unless your friend is a strict vegan).
  • Your artistic and nature loving friends will appreciate some wall art like Natural by Dibec $25.00. Newsflash, Urban Outfitters collaborated with Society6 Artists to create a Print Shop. The pieces here are amazing and affordable.