You may have noticed my lack of posts these past few weeks.  It’s certainly not for lack of good music.  In fact the past month I have been attached to my ipod, I’m extremely pleased with my collection lately!  Find me on Grooveshark (@MusicITZLife) because I’m about to make a new summer playlist for everyone to enjoy! I do however have a severe case of writers block, but I couldn’t let it get in the way of sharing this news.  It’s been one year since the release of Steel Train’s self titled album and in celebration they are giving the album away this week for FREE!


I’m sure many of you are already aware that this is one of my favorite bands of all time!  Their tracks Bullet & Turnpike Ghost made my list of most memorable songs of 2010.  I have also been fortunate to see them live many times.  I love seeing them in concert, they are so energetic and fun.  I feel so connected to their music, they are truly lyrical geniuses.  This is one band that I just appreciate and am continually inspired by.


So when this news popped up on my newsfeed an hour ago I knew I just had to share it with you guys.  I’m really excited about this giveaway because it’s the perfect opportunity for me to share some of my favorite music with you.  Honestly, it’s free so there is absolutely no risk involved.  You don’t have to worry about spending a dime and never listening to it.  If you decide their sound isn’t your thing (which I can almost assure you that won’t be the case, because they have material that will appeal to just about everyone) you can simply delete it off your computer.  But please, don’t miss this opportunity to get an amazing album for free.  For my sanity… just download it!

You can get your free copy at