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Song Bust: Pass the Dutchie by Musical Youth

An oldie, but goodie by Musical Youth….get up and DANCE!

Song Bust: TRAVIE MCCOY: Billionaire

Great acoustic live version of Billionaire.

Song Bust: The Ooks Of Hazzard – Kids (MGMT Cover)

Thanks for finding this Tyler. Of course, it totally made my day! This is an Ooks of Hazzard cover of the song Kids off of MGMT’s 2007 album Oracular Spectacular.

Song Bust: LCD Soundsystem – Drunk Girls

Spike Jonze unleashes some bad pandas on LCD Soundsystem

Sister Crayon (the Band)

Image of Sister Crayon the band

Terra Lopez, Danielle Fernandez, Nicholas Suhr and Genaro Ulloa have previously played for bands such as: An Angle, Scene Index, Alas Alak Alaska, Evening Episode, Kyoto Beat Orchestra, Make Amends, and Phantom Float before emerging together as the brilliant Sister Crayon.

Led by Terra Lopez, the band are Sacramento’s art folk darlings (imagine a non-Brooklyn MGMT with Mazzy Star’s Hope Sandoval on vocals). So sultry, breathy vocals over band claps and dulcet piano patters. Their debut EP “Enter Into Holy (Or)Ders” is out now and their first album will be out in June on Manimal Vinyl, with the European premiere of the video for “(in) Reverse” right here.

SongBust: Kasper Bjorke “Efficient Machine”

SongBust: Billionaires by Your Twenties

SongBust: El Capitalismo Foraneo by Gotan Project

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