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November 2012 Playlist

Here is a taste of what I’ll be listening to all month long!

Overdue October 2012 Playlist

I got a late start on compiling my trending music list this month. I was excited to hear that some of my all time favorite bands (Dinosaur Jr., Band of Horses, Frightened Rabbit, The XX, and Bloc Party) recently released new albums — but I was underwhelmed when I listened to them. Huge bummer. Additionally, I had been seeing Divine Fits pop up here and there on playlists that I never listed to. For some reason I was envisioning them as a country band. Then, while listening to Sound Opinions I learned the band consists of Britt Daniel of Spoon (another all time favorite), along with Dan Boeckner and Sam Brown. I’m totally obsessed with them right now.

2012 October by nikki lindgren on Grooveshark

September 2012 Playlist

It’s already the first the first of a new month, which means it’s time for another playlist. Check out what I’ll be listening to in the office for the next couple of weeks.
2012 September by nikki lindgren on Grooveshark

Playlist for August 2012

I decided to start sharing my monthly playlist’s with readers last month. I really enjoy putting these trending music lists together to listen to at work. Here’s what I’ll be jamming to this month!
2012 August by nikki lindgren on Grooveshark

New Playlist for July 2012

I’m beginning to take music discovery seriously again. Each month I put together a new Grooveshark playlist that I listen to all month at work. I thought I’d share my July mixed tape with you!

I hope you enjoy my selections. Stay tuned for next months!!

Today’s Playlist

Please have a listen to the playlist I’ve been listening to today, and most of October 2011.

Guy Sebastian

Guy Sebastian is certainly not new to the music scene but it’s quite possible that this is the first time you are hearing his name.  I stumbled across his newest single, ‘Who’s That Girl’ via Twitter earlier this week and have had it on repeat ever since, (the song not to be confused with two of the latest top 40 hits “Who Dat Girl” by Flo Rida or “Who’s That Chick?” by David Guetta and Rihanna).

In 2003 Sebastian was crowned the first winner of Australian Idol.  I know for the most part people don’t accredit winners of talent shows as true musicians/artists however its hard to ignore that once in awhile these shows pump out some high selling acts.  Here in the states we have Kelly Clarkson, Jordin Sparks, and the extremely talented and marketable, Carrie Underwood.  I can’t say that I have kept up with other countries versions of the show but what I do know is that Sebastian is the only Australian male artist in Australian music history to achieve five Number 1 singles.

His sound is very much comparable to Bruno Mars.  The new track, ‘Who’s That Girl’ features American rapper, Eve.  I have always loved Eve and I think it’s a brilliant move for him to collaborate with American artists to promote his music.  It’s only a matter of time before this song goes viral.  Not sure how I feel about the video but it’s the catchiest song I have heard in quite awhile so check it out for yourself.

Diesel Black Gold Video Featuring Menswear Collection

Diesel Black Gold released this video of their menswear collection which features the music of UK electro-indie rock band These New Puritans. Diesel Black Gold’s video features male models exuding that detached coolness they’re probably born with while lazing in a white room where the ghost of a woman wanders around as well in like a parallel white room universe. Original, yes; over the top, come on – it’s Diesel.

I’m anxious to see how much publicity this little video gives the Italian brand.

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