Vintage has been a hot word used to describe some of the most popular fashion trends for the past few seasons, but could it be used to describe the ‘90’s just yet? I thought this to myself as I google searched “’90s floral baby doll dress” and the word “vintage” popped up. How much time has to go by before we christen some as vintage? Apparently its around twenty years.

The 1990’s have been dubbed the ugliest era because of the “who cares?” attitude taken towards fashion. Flannel, platform shoes, brown lipstick, BLUE LIPSTICK, and those little buns people work all over their heads… it’s easy to see why people can look back and be a little disturbed. The truth is though, the ‘90’s were kind of awesome in the sense that people could truly dress how they wanted and anything could be cool. I still hold a fond place in my heart for stirrup pants and oversized sweatshirts.

The most popular fashion trends from the 1990’s have been creeping its way back into our hearts. A few years ago flannel snuck its way back into popular cultures closets and even made its way to American Eagle and other mall staples.  Doc Martens have also been making a comeback that has been hard to ignore as celebrities like Sienna Miller make them chic again. I was recently in a large mall located on the outskirts of Seattle and found myself buying a pair of black leather platform wedges from Forever XII. My initial reaction was that these shoes were terrible, but on second examination I realized that they were industrial and very cool. Soon after that I made my way to H&M and couldn’t help but notice the number of floral baby doll dresses. It seems as if popular culture has recently been flooded by lame items, cropped tops, crosses, and other ‘90’s once despised staples and I for one am thankful to be drowning in it. I loved the ‘90’s eclectic feel and I think we can all benefit from a little grunge in our lives…. Then again maybe that’s the inner Seattelite in me coming out.