Kids know what’s cool.  Whether they’ve seen it on TV, or at a friend’s house, give them the gift they really want.  From Pillow Pet Dream Lites to the Cotton Candy Maker you’ll be sure to delight them with these top ten gifts from the As Seen on TV store.
  1. Spark their creativity!  Young artists will love Magna Color.  With a unique pen, kids can color in stencil designs, and place colorful magnetic dots to form a picture.  Then, with a pair of 3D glasses, the designs transform to 3D!
  2. Give the gift of quality time with My Lil Pie Maker! Cooks can incorporate their little helper in the kitchen to make sweet and savory pies in miniature form.
  3. Make bed time fun with Pillow Pet Dream Lites!  These pillow pets turn a dark room into a starry night sky and make bedtime comforting and restful.
  4. Slushies without ice or blenders, that’s Slushy Magic!  No fuss no muss, so kids and parents can enjoy!
  5. The Claw makes the journey half the fun!  Like a miniature version of the arcade game, the claw tests your joystick skills to reach for miniature toys or candies.  Great for parties or playtime, the Claw provides hours of entertainment for the whole family.
  6. Friendly Songs Customized Child Music Kit lets kids play music star with a personalized CD Kit for recording and creating a customized CD!
  7. Gift the young scholar the Homework Caddy and eliminate the guesswork out of schoolwork organization.
  8. Criss Angel Magic Platinum Kit teaches budding to advanced magicians Angel’s best kept secrets with instructional videos and cards for plenty of mind teasing fun.
  9. Butterfly Garden shows kids the metamorphosis of a caterpillar to a chrysalid, and then finally a Painted Lady butterfly.  Larvae will take five weeks to develop, but when the time’s right kids will love the joy of then releasing them into the wild.
  10. Delight the kid in every adult or impress the little ones with this Old Fashioned Carnival Style Cotton Candy Maker.  With air spin design, the candy maker produces tasty candy floss – great fun for the whole family.