Long lines at the airports, congested freeways and tight schedules can make traveling during the Holiday season chaotic.  Since I can’t clear traffic on the I5 or speed up the security lines, I figured I could inspire you to lighten your load and pack some easy Holiday-worthy pieces that will take you from dinner at grandma’s to catching up with old friends.
Cozy sweater and denim paired with a stylish tote – comfortable and cool – perfect outfit for traveling

Silk blouse paired with skinny denim – casual yet polished – great look for hanging out with the family

Printed longsleeve mini dress paired with platform boots – festive and modern – a bold look for the Holidays

Jewel tone blouse paired with jewel tone platforms – trendy yet classic – perfect for meeting up with those long lost friends

If you’re traveling this Holiday Season, plan out your wardrobe for each day – you’ll avoid over packing (or even under packing).  Start by choosing a few key pieces and plan your outfits around them.  And make sure to incorporate a couple dressier options (for those unplanned evenings out on the town)!

I’ll stop my rumbling about how to pack (I know we all have our own methods).

I hope you all have a fun and festive Holiday!