Okay, we all know how pricey cosmetic brushes can be so why be neglectful with their care – stay on point with these suggestions!

First off, realize no two brush cleaners are created the same. There are a myraid of choices, from: soap, cleansers, sprays, baby shampoo’s, some resort to Dawn Dish-washing anti bacterial liquidyup!, you read that correct. Now in previous post, I’ve recommended how often you should clean your handy dandy tools but today’s post is to target what I deem “most effective cleanser’s”.

Below, a short list of tried/true ways I’ve banished dirt, build-up, bacteria, and makeup residue.

SOAP – For $15 bucks, you will simply lust this bar after only trying it once. Becca (Aussie brand) designed this goodness, it nourished my bristles like no other. I know what you’re thinking – “you can just bounty up some hotel soaps and call it a day”WRONG, this is different! Those other soaps can’t claim they lengthen the lifespam of your brushes like Becca can. When you open up this baby, your nose will know too…I inhaled a beautiful scent, later learning its made of plant-based oils which double as a cleanser & conditioner, who doesn’t want 2 in 1.

For a visual:

Soap Cleansing Bar (Becca Cosmetics)

Where to buy: Becca Cosmetics, Henri Bendel or locally here in SF: Ron Pernell Studio.
(If you choose the later, you’ll walk out with more than just a bar of soap honey! – but a couple of laughs & compliments from Ron himself).

Other ways to wash & preserve your dirty brushes but aren’t as luxurat(ing) include:

Brush Spray – Nowadays everybody and they mama’ makes a brush cleanser. I’ve used M.A.C., Japonesque, Sephora, the list is endless. Pros: you can travel with spray but no real purification takes place outside our bathrooms. Cons: many of them leave a residue or funny oily slip to the bristles, anyways.

So no thanks, onto the next…

Shampoo – From day one, old school Makeup colleagues of mine suggested using Johnson & Johnson Baby shampoo – its gentle, no tears -ha! It works but like I said earlier…I found the Pro Bar (made by Becca) far better, it really IS bar-none!

Bottom line, your brushes deserve something gentle yet effective and whether you pick a spray, shampoo or soap bar (like me). You must wash, rinse bristle thoroughly, squeeze excess water and reshape.

Speaking of reshape…boy! do I have a product to plug for this, until next time beauties…