For guys and gals who stay on top of all the latest fashions and beauty products, you’ll want to shop As Seen On TV’s store for the most popular trends.  From Side Sleeper Pro, which helps you improve posture and restfulness so you get the most out of your beauty sleep to Trendy Top, the discreet layering piece that every fashionable gal needs in her wardrobe, you’ll find the best selection for health, fashion and beauty at As Seen on TV, where there’s something for everyone on your shopping list!

  1. Beauty is pain is a thing of the past (at least for your feet) with Strutz Cushioned Arch Supports!  Strutz lets your girlfriends strut their stuff even in high heels and guys strut in the manliest of boots.  It’s a win win!
  2. Put the spring in their step with  Miracle Socks that massage as you move. Like Botox for legs, these socks relieve symptoms of spider and varicose veins.  Using graduated compression, they also give revitalizing benefits – soothing, massaging and energizing tired legs and feet.  Discreet and perfect for everyday use with any shoes, they reduce swelling and enhance circulation.
  3. Shimmer Glitter tattoos dazzle! Waterproof and easily removable with baby oil, they last for just seven days — a gift your tattoo commitment phobic friends and family can enjoy!
  4. With Twist and Clip, it’s just that easy to pull your hair together in a cinch for all day and night style.
  5. Give the beauty enthusiast the gift of a salon experience in the comfort of his or her home with Pedi Spin.
  6. For the man who likes to stay perfectly groomed between barbershop visits, give him the MicroTouch Max, so that he can touch up any time with precision.  Gentle for those sensitive areas and power for the toughest spots, he’ll be pleased.
  7.  Every fashionista needs a Bedazzler to take an ensemble from dull to dazzling.  From rhinestones, stars, to studs, the Bedazzler transforms hats, shirts, scarves to belts with customized bling.
  8. Give the gift of comfortable fit with Stretch Genie.  Shoes and gloves never have to be too tight!
  9. Palm Sized Wallet: The perfect gift for the already organized or the aspiring organizer!
  10. Trendy Top is perfect for ladies who want to achieve the layered look and stay active without any wardrobe malfunctioning!