With all of the excitement of my sisters wedding (which is in a couple of weeks), there’s also some last minute important business that needs to be taken care of – the hair and makeup!

My sister is having her trial hair and makeup session this week and has asked me to help find some hair and makeup ideas.  Since she has fine, straight hair – a messy bun will look really nice and create some volume, while adding texture.  As far as makeup goes, my sister doesn’t wear a lot of makeup on a regular basis – so why change that.  I think a minimal look, with a bold lip or a smokey eye would look very chic – especially with her messy chignon!

The hair accessories are a nice touch, they definitely dress-up the hairstyle a bit more.  I love Michelle Williams hair (bottom left), it’s the perfect messy look.

I love the bold lips, especially the coral color (in my opinion, coral lips look good on everyone).  Natalie Portman’s smokey eye (bottom left), is sexy and very pretty.