Mercedes Benz Miami Swim Week wrapped up on July 18th.  Looking back at the shows, I noticed there were a handful of swim suits to avoid (at all costs). Below you’ll find the top ten bathing suits to pass on for Summer 2012.

image of Crochet Swim Suit Dolores Cortes MBFW Miami Swim 2012This white crochet bathing suit by Dolores Cortes would get soggy if worn in water, not to mention tan lines would be awful.

image of Crystal Swim Suit Norma Kamali Swimwear MBFW Miami Swim 2012Crystals an rouching probably wouldn’t hold up well in chlorinated water. Actually they probably wouldn’t hold up well in the ocean either. Swimsuit by Norma Kamali.

image of Kristin Cavallari Diesel Skyy Vodka BikiniA Diesel swim suit made of blue glass shards from bottle of Skyy Vodka is worn down the runway by The Hills star Kristen Cavallari.

image of Leather Swim Suit Dolores Cortes MBFW Miami Swim 2012Black leather swim suit by Dolores Cortes. similar to the crochet swim suit by the same designer above, this would leave terrible tan lines. It’s also be really stick and sweaty at the beach.

image of Lingerie swim suit Beach Bunny Swimwear MBFW Miami Swim 2012This satin and lace lingerie-like swim suit is part of the Beach Bunny Swimwear collection. Everything about this suit is ridiculous down to the rhinestone details.

image of red carter black suitThis black and white, 60’s inspired suit from Red Carter looks like a mess of too many details, including the clear accessories.

image of waterproof boleros by beach bunny swimwearThe suit above by Beach Bunny Swimwear is actually cute, and wearable. The raincoat looking bolero is an awful addition to the look.

image of Wedding Swimsuit Beach Bunny SwimwearWeddings have been on my mind lately, to this wedding inspired bathing suit by Beach Bunny Swimwear really caught my attention. Haha – it’d be perfect for a beach wedding. I’m not sure I’d want to know a girl who would think wearing a suit to her wedding would be a good idea though.

image of x mark swim suits by dolores cortesThis X Mark tie dyed one piece bathing suit by Dolores Cortes is a bit much.

image of Cia Maritima half skirtI don’t even know what to say about the leopard print half skirt by Cia Maritima.