He’s no Snoopy, Charlie Brown.  In FX’s hit series Wilfred, Ryan (Elijah Wood) thinks he sees a bong-ripping, beer-chugging potty mouthed Australian guy in a dog suit but everyone else sees a cute, furry dog.

Get into the Wilfred character and costume and you just might be the hit of the party this Halloween (or at least avoid the doghouse).

In the officially licensed Wilfred Dog costume, you’ll be certified to mentor depressives in your darkly comic and totally unsavory canine ways. If you want to complete the Wilfred look, opt for FX’s Deluxe Wilfred Costume Kit. It comes with a toy cigarette and black nose paint. You too can pretend to be Ryan’s best (and worst?) friend.  But remember: beware of dog – hijinks will ensue!