Color is part of our world, and each one of us has not only a personal favorite color, but a palette of colors that we look best in. This does not mean that these two choices are always the same and they can actually clash terribly. Color can be a reflection of a mood, a moment, a fad and a time and which color we select can be an important topic.
The lives of celebrities seem to dictate what colors are right to wear (and not) and doesn’t seem to deter people (including celebrities) even when the colors and patterns are poorly chosen. The colors and shades of blue are here to stay, in variations that require almost a palette of their own. Ocean blue, deep rich navy blue and pale pastels are currently incredibly hot and designers are taking that into the next year. But there is such a thing as too-much-blue. Choosing a very boho dress in shades of blue, then adding more blue for shoes and even more blue for a matching headband is going overboard. Now don’t get me wrong, with some shades, especially pastel solids, this can be accomplished to bring a fresh airy look and feel.

Of course, you can do the same faux pas with black and white as well. You can start with an incredible upbeat design in pants and the smart thing to do with a pattern in pants, is leave it as the anchor piece to your selection. Adding more of the same throughout the body is just down right confusing. Another thing that people seem to do is try to pair one look with the other. A totally geometric jumpsuit in a multitude of popular colors, causes the eyes to leap all over the place. Attempting to tone down the look with a wonderful blazer is simply a car wreck.

Combining the right colors can be easy, because today there are many color pairings that are widely accepted. Two of the hottest colors are blues and purples. Varying shades of pale blue and lavender all the way to the darker rich colors bring out the highlights in so many skin tones. There are other colors that can be used together, if one doesn’t overwhelm the other. Like everything else, color pairing is a fine dance and adding one large, eyepopping color with a lovely pastel can attract attention, but not necessarily the kind you were looking for.

Even denim can turn your outfit into a phenomenon. With focus on a shapely skirt, the right top and simple accessories, brings you that sassy, sexy look, while appearing cool and casual.

In the world of fashion, there is a fine line between making a statement and down right overkill; even when it comes to the color of black. If you are going to go cropped, don’t crop everything. The eye moves, stops, moves, stops and then is simply aghast. Don’t set your outfit up to make someone choose what to focus on. The entire look should be your accent.