If you have a bottomless bank account that can buy you every beauty elixir known to man, then this post is not for you.  If, on the other hand, you find yourself strapped for cash every now and then, like the rest of us, have I got something for you.

Strawberries and Mango

I was doing a little research for a series of nutrition articles I’m writing and I found I was reading my resources like grocery lists.  It didn’t take me long to conjure up visions of heart healthy salads and stir-frys ready to combat PMS.

Can you say one-track mind?

image of Strawberry Mango Puree

Not surprisingly, this drink sprung to mind quite quickly.  So, without further ado I give you Strawberry Mango Green Tea Limeade.  I know, it has a long name, it’s sort of like royalty and believe me, you’ll want to treat it as such.  This delicious drink you see before you is not only wonderfully refreshing (even in 94% humidity) it also soothes, protects and repairs your skin while you drink.  I know!  You can thank me later; now let’s get down to brass tax.  How is this miracle achieved?

image of Limes and Strawberries

The major players in this drink are all beneficial to the skin in their own way.  Mango is an excellent form of skin care, because it contains a large amount of vitamin A, which helps your body repair skin cells.  It is ideal for people with dry skin, but we all could use a little vitamin A love. Strawberries are loaded with antioxidants including Vitamin C, which your body cannot produce naturally.  Vitamin C has been proven to improve, repair and protect your skin’s collagen, giving your skin more elasticity.  Green tea contains polyphenols, which act as an anti-inflammatory, so say goodbye to those under eye bags.  Polyphenols also keep harmful bacteria at bay.  And the benefits of drinking Green tea do not stop there.  Green tea is one of the few teas that will not dehydrate you and it is helpful to your digestive tract as well.  So, drink up!

image of Strawberry Mango Green Tea Limeade

This drink will cool you down, quench your thirst and give you a glow even pregnant ladies will envy.  So, don’t waste your time buying another expensive (and inedible) moisturizer you can’t afford.  Why not indulge in this refreshing and cost effect beauty regime.

Happy sippin’!

Strawberry Mango Green Tea Limeade: Serves 6

1 cup of strawberries, hulled and quartered

1 cup of mango, peeled and cubed

1 cup lime juice

4 cups brewed green tea, chilled

¼ cup simple syrup


In a blender or food processor puree and blend the strawberries, mango, lime juice and simple syrup.

Pour puree over ice in a large pitcher.

Add chilled green tea and stir.

Pour into glasses and garnish with lime wedges and fresh strawberries.

*I also added grapefruit for some reason.