I like eyeshadow, but I’m only interested in specific colors and brands; and because I’m sort of frugal, I only buy eyeshadows on Cyber Monday or from flash sale sites like ideeli, Gilt Groupe and Rue La La. I realize I’m not that makeup-trend-forward, but to me, restocking my eyeshadows semi-yearly is about all I need.

My most recent eyeshadows came from Rue La La, in gift form, from Amy the concierge at Rue La La. She knew I had a bad user experience while their website wasn’t working properly, so she sent me the Smashbox ‘Eye Wish’ Palette and the Tarte TEN Limited Edition Collector’s Palette.
image of smashbox eyeshadow and tarte eyeshadow

Smashbox ‘Eye Wish’ Palette

This is a nicely packaged limited -edition palette with 12 shadows and 4 cream eyeliners (which I really need) and DNA mascara. The palette also comes with a very informative Look Book that will help me figure out how to put this stuff on properly.

image of Smashbox eye wish palette

Tarte TEN Limited Edition Collector’s Palette

This palette comes in a refillable (and therefore reuseable) gold studded case. Enclosed are 10 eyeshadows, eye liner (which I really need) and an eyeshadow brush.

image of tarte ten limited edition collectors palette

Thanks again Amy for this wonderful gift, I really do appreciate the great customer service experience you’ve provided.