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Eyeshadow Palettes – Winter 2012

Each person has their own weakness, some people can’t have enough shoes, books, bags, nail polish, pets, you name it. This post is for the make-up artist in your Christmas list, the one who can’t have enough eyeshadow colors.

Urban Decay
The Vice Palette

This palette contains 20 eyeshadow colors, it contains a few matte and neutral colors, but the majority have shimmer or glitter. This palette would be appropriate for someone who loves to sparkle.



Sephora + Pantone Universe

Precious Metals Shadow Palette

This one contains 35 colors with a wide range of colors from soft neutrals to darker colors meant for impact!

Inspired by Pantone’s 2013 Plus Series Metallic Book, this season is all about the rich gleam of rose gold, the chilled shine of silver, and the fiery glow of bronze.




Storylook Eyeshadow Palette

A 20-piece eyeshadow palette that will be something fun and different for Princesses of all ages. Since the colors are made to represent the Cinderella story, this collection has many hues of blue, gold and pearl plus a few darker colors.

 Begin a journey with this dazzling collection of fairy tale-inspired shadows.


Sephora Collection
Color Daze Blockbuster

This one contains 148 different items in the palette, including 64 waterproof eye shadow, 48 lip gloss, 3 blush, and many more products for eyes, lips and cheeks. This palette has a little bit of everything!





Lash Stash

Mascaras will make eyeshadows pop even more and here is a great collection, I bought a similar one two seasons ago, and I just finished with the last mascara on the collection…time to get it again! This collection offers 8 sample and 2 full size mascaras from Lancome, Clinique, Buxom, Tarte, Sephora as well as false eyelashes and glue. Very hard to resist!

All the palettes in this post range from a retail price of $45 to $60…and one can never have too many eyeshadows!


Spring 2012 Eyeshadows

Spring 2012 is shaping up to be a great season for makeup, especially if you like wearing pastel colored eyeshadow. Every makeup line from Maybeline to Dior, and Stila to Estee Lauder have Springtime appropriate pastel colors in their eyeshadow palettes this season. I’ll admit I already own many pastel and jewel tone eyeshadow, and it’s true I feel compelled to wear them during the Spring. This season is no different, we’re seeing a lot of updated “Easter egg” colors, tons of greens, and also some pretty nude eyeshadow colors. Many of this seasons purple, yellow and blue eyeshadow shades aren’t appropriate for the business casual workplace, but they are perfect for nights, weekends and making your standard tee shirt and jeans outfit POP!
Most drugstore and designer palette’s this season offer colors in medium pigmentation that are translucent, but not sheer. The shades have satiny, and in some cases glittery finishes instead of the matte finish we’ve scene in previous seasons. Of course, all eyeshadow will look it’s best if you start with a base layers of eyeshadow primer. I just bought my first eyeshadow primer a few months ago, and it’s done wonders for me (no more creases). Here is Ellie’s review of some of the most popular eyeshadow primers on the market.
Here are some of my favorite Spring 2012 eyeshadow colors:

image of Chanel Eclosion Eyeshadow Chanel Makeup 2012

Chanel Eclosion Quadra Eyeshadow ($58) has a relatively safe warm-neutral pallet for Spring 2012. Each color has a slightly different variation of shimmer.  The colors are very similar to Chanel’s Dunes Quadra and Spices Quadra. If you already own either of these Chanel palletes, you probably don’t need to drop more money on this new Springtime palette.

image of clarins blue sky eyeshadow palette Clrains Spring 2012 eyeshadows

Clarins Blue Sky Eye Quartet Mineral Palette ($40) is part of the Clarins Spring 2012 palette Colour Breeze. Blue sky has three blue shades, two of which are actually work appropriate because they are ‘washes of blue’, and a white shade. The blues contain flecks of glitter in silver and blue jewel tones to help enhance the shade. Be aware that without a primer, you will lose some of the eyeshadow flecks to your face.

image of dior spring 2012 Garden Roses Eyeshadow Palettes

Dior 5 Couleurs Garden Edition Couture Colour Eyeshadow Palettes ($59) apply with a fantastic creamy texture. The look is more frosty iridescent than shimmery, which is a finish unique to Dior this season. Best part, the color really lasts all day. With Dior it is true, you get what you pay for!

image of Estee Lauder Pure Color Five Color EyeShadow Palette Topaz Moasic Spring 2012

Estee Lauder Pure Color Topaz Mosaic Five Color Eyeshadow Palette ($45) was inspired by the warm, sun-bleached tones of the desert. The neutral bronze and shimmery copper tones make this palette another safe, and somewhat affordable bet for the season.

image of Lancome Roseraie Des Delices Eyeshadow Palettes Pink and Blue Lancome Spring 2012

Lancome Roseraie Des Delices Eyeshadow Palettes ($49) are filled with soft pastel shades that evoke lush gardens, white lace sundresses and indulgent Ladurée macaroons. The two high-end palettes for the season come in candy-coloured quartettes: one with feminine roses and peaches, the other in refreshing greens like seafoam and turquoise.

image of fMAC Cook eyeshadows Spring 2012

MAC Cook Eyeshadow Palettes ($38) are available for a limited time at select MAC counters. Pictured: Call Me Bubbles and Colour Added. The Spring 2012 MAC Cook shades offer a similar assortment of colors as the other major players this season. Call Me Bubbles is very desert chic, with nice sheen. While Colour Added offers the alternative, risky colors of the season. Makeup wearers either love, or hate MAC; so it is importnat MAC offers every “HOT” shade each season to continue to speak to the customers that love them…and make sure they don’t go running off to a competitor.

image of Stila Jewel Eyeshadow Spring 2012 Collection

Stila Jewel Eyeshadows ($20) come in eight new shimmery colors for Spring 2012. These colors work against the whole pastel palette, and bring in more of s New Mexico, or Mjoave feel. The colors are all appropicately named after stones. I bet you can easily pick out “Opal” and “Amethyst”.

If you’re on the market for some pastel and jewel tone eyeshadows, Spring 2012 is the perfect season for you. Find you favorite shades, and stock up. We all know how quickly color trends change!

Urban Decay Naked2

A big hit for Urban Decay has been its collection of neutral eyeshadows called Naked Palette.


This palette can be called anything except boring, with 12 gorgeous neutrals that work on any skin color. The palette includes glittery, shimmery and matte textures.

Now the most anticipated sequel will soon be available, named Naked2.


This collection features 12 new neutral colors that range from pale and deep, to matte and sparkly.

Naked2 is currently available only online through and is expected to be available in stores by the end of January. They expect the palette to be in very high demand, so either order it online or call your local Sephora consultant to verify dates.


Eyeshadow Primer Review

When I was in my early twenties, I remember my teen sister coming into my room at night asking me to decide which eyeshadow looked better, the one the left had “this”, the one of the right had “that”. Back then I didn’t even pluck my eyebrows, let alone notice a slight difference on eyeshadows, but I would pick one just to humor her. Not sure if she ever noticed I had no idea….well, now she knows!

To this day I’m hopeless when it comes to eyeshadows, so when it came time to review eyeshadow primers, my sister was the perfect person to do it. She tried three different brands: Sephora, Urban Decay and Benefit. She used the same brand of eyeshadow and the same brushes each time, and was able to use each primer three times. So here are the results:

Sephora – Eye Primer Pot


Sephora Brand Eye Primer Pot provides the perfect eyeshadow base. Smooth on this must-have formula for a flawless, crease-less look that will last all day.

The consistency is creamy and easy to apply, though you need to wait for it to dry before applying the eyeshadow. It’s transparent and doesn’t interfere with the eyeshadow color, but compared to the other primers the colors won’t pop. The eyeshadow itself will last longer with the primer, but overall it was the one my sister liked the least.


Urban Decay –  Eyeshadow Primer Potion Tube – Eden

Packaged in a new squeeze tube with a precise needle nose, this triple-duty product also works as a highlighter or eye shadow. Perfect for more mature customers or those who want to avoid shimmer, this versatile shade instantly brightens the eyes and provides the ultimate prep for creaseless, more vibrant shadow and all-day wear.


It glides on easily over the eyelid, you will need less amount of product to get the shade you want. The eyeshadow colors are more vivid, but in a matte tone; you can leave it as is, or add a bit of shimmer to brighten the eye. Even though she liked this primer, she didn’t see a difference in wear, the eyeshadow faded off as it would normally do without a primer.


Benefit – Stay Don’t Stray

Tell your eye makeup to stay, don’t stray! This dual-action primer works 360 degrees around the eyes to make concealers and eyeshadows REALLY stay put. Concealers never crease and eyeshadows stay vibrant and true…you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!


Now this one was my sister’s favorite, the eyeshadows remained intact over twelve hours. The colors look vivid, but you might need to use additional shimmer. With this primer you need to know what you’re doing when applying the eyeshadow since it’s not easy to correct mistakes; you would need to take it all off and start again if you mess up. But overall she was very happy with this primer and I have a feeling she’ll be asking for it as compensation for doing the testing for me.


Thanks Sis!

NARS Spring 2011 Collection

Even though I love the spring/summer weather and fashion, my favorite colors come with the autumn/winter collections. But looking at some of the upcoming Spring Collections, I’m starting to reconsider.  NARS Cosmetics Spring collection is full of awesome colors, in his own words:

Spring 2011 is the epitome of minimalism, reaching a sensual peak with fresh, forward color. Jeweled earth tones are infused with a metallic finish that lends a subtly sleek finish. Cool compliments of sheer and sparkling lips pair with unexpected accents of parrot green and vivid blue.

And here is what part of the collection looks like, not sure if I can pull off Parrot Green on my eyelids, but I’m definitely going for the Golden Desperado Nail Polish and the Deep Purple Nana Lip Gloss.





Cosmetics Palettes: Smashbox, Sephora, Kat Von D

Maybe you might have noticed I write about all type of cosmetics, except for eyeshadows. There’s a very good reason for it, and it’s that I’m awful at putting on eye shadows. No matter how much I try or practice, it still seems like a 5-year-old did it. But recently I’ve seen several sets that are tempting me to keep on trying and master the art of applying eye shadow.

fashion eyeeyeshadow-purplehot-pink-make-up-style

This one is my favorite from Smashbox, its called Master’s Class Style Files and its a set of three portable palettes for eyes, lips, and cheeks. The set contains:
  • 8 eye shadow colors ranging from neutrals to dark jewel tones.
  • 4 cream eye liners in golden beige, warm brown, gunmetal gray and deep purple.
  • 2 pencil eye liners in black and brown.
  • 2 lip gloss in coral and nude champagne.
  • 2 cheek shades in peachy pink and suntan beige
  • Bonus: Photo Finish Lid Primer Packet
And last for the reason this one is my pick, an instructional step-by-step guide for five different looks that range from a clean daytime look to a complete vamp. Maybe even I can learn to use them.


I bought Sephora Color Play – 5 in 1 II – Fashion Edition for my sister over the holidays and she loves it, then again, she knows what she’s doing. The cool thing about this one is not only the huge amount of cosmetics you get, but they are also portable. The set comes with an empty case so you can pick one of the sub-palettes and take it with you.

Stories for the five sub-palettes:

  • Boho Bombshell: dark blues, warm taupes, warm golds
  • Classics Never Die: brown smoky eyes
  • Angelic Boudoir: nudes and sands, with a touch of bright blue and fuchsia
  • Black Is The New Black: black smoky eyes
  • A Nod To Mod: bright blues, greens, pink, purples

Each of the five sub-palettes includes:

  • 10 eye-shadows
  • 2 lip colors
  • 1 blush


Of course when it comes to eye makeup, I yield the floor to the amazing Kat Von D.

“This is dedicated to those who are self-created, self-reliant, self made, and independent.” —Kat Von D

Unlike the other sets the Tattoo Chronicles Palette concentrates only on the eyes. This set is dedicated to make your eyes look like a rock-star, the set itself looks very cool and has a secret compartment with a double-ended rollerball fragrance sinner and saint.

This set contains:

  • 1 pair False Eyelashes
  • 12 Eye shadows in Tijuana, Taxidermy, Hollywood, Peanut, Redemption, Solitude, Heartkiller, Baudelaire, Monastary, Poe Blue, Nite Owl, Lemmy
  • 3 High Voltage Primers in Skin, Stellar, Smoky
  • 2 Double-Ended Saint/Sinner Roller-ball


Basic Makeup Brushes for your collection

In my previous post Makeup Brushes: Which Fiber is Best, I explained the different types of fibers in the market. You can choose from Natural, Synthetic or Taklon fibers. Now that we have that covered I want to suggest which brushes should be the essentials for your makeup collection. My goal is to give you all-in-one, so for each brush I explain why they are used, which fiber is best and how to use it. The pictures below are from mostly from Origins, which offers a collection of cruelty-free brushes. So, let’s start:

Concealer Brush

This is a small brush with broad and flat bristles. Synthetic is the best type of bristle for this brush since they don’t absorb too much product and are ideal for blending liquid and cream makeup. Dab a few spots in the areas with imperfections, for example under the eyes or directly on blemishes, and keep on dabbing until the concealer is blended on your skin.

Origins Concealer Brush

Foundation Brush

This brush is to be used for liquid or cream foundation. Similar to the Concealer Brush, but bigger with flat and long bristles. Synthetic bristles are also better for this type of brush. To use it, dot your face with liquid foundation and use the brush to spread it in even outward and upward motions being careful to apply some foundation below your jawline to make it look more natural.

Origins Foundation BrushBlush Brush or Blusher

This brush is to be used to apply powder blush on your cheeks. The bristles are packed very close together and should be preferably Natural or Taklon. The rounded shape allows a better distribution of the product on your cheeks. The goal with the blush is to give a natural flushed color to the face. This can be accomplished by smiling and starting from the apple of the cheeks upwards to the hairline, apply the product with a soft motion to avoid excess.

BlusherPowder Brush

This is the big and fluffy brush used to apply the final loose powder that will set your makeup. It can also be used to apply shimmer, mineral powder or bronzer. The Powder Brush is similar to the Blusher, but bigger with fluffy Natural or Taklon bristles. The powder is to be placed directly on the brush and apply it using small circular motions all over the face for a better coverage.

Powder BrushFor eyes and lips we have a few basic brushes. If you’re like me, all you do is apply one eyeshadow color at a time on special occasions. If you’re like my sister, then you like to blend, smudge, contour and create unique looks. I will cover those brushes in the Advanced Makeup Brushes post.

Eyeshadow Brush

Used to apply powder eyeshadow, this should be flat and wide preferably from Natural or Taklon fibers. There are too many ways to apply eyeshadows depending on your preference and comfort level. Whether its applying only on the lower lid and crease or the whole lid, the eyeshadow brush will help you get a great look.

Eyeshadow BrushEyeliner Brush

Used to apply or blend cream eyeliners. This is a thin and fine brush, preferably made from synthetic fibers. There is no wrong or right way in using this brush, it all depends on how natural or dramatic you want your makeup to look. Some cream eyeliners come in a stick, in this case the brush can help you soften the lines after you apply it.

Eyeliner BrushEyebrow Brush

This is a small flat brush with a slight angle, also should be made from synthetic fibers. It gives definition and shape to the eyebrows. Apply the eyebrow pencil directly on the areas that need some color with a very soft motion in order to avoid streaks and blend it with the brush. The effect will be eyes that pop even more.

Eyebrow BrushEyelash Brush and Comb

This is the double sided tool with a stiff brush on one side and a small comb on the other. This one is used to help the application of the mascara on your eyelashes. You will first use the brush in order to clean up your eyelashes and prepare them for the mascara application. Once you applied the mascara, use the comb side to separate and lengthen before the product dries and becomes stiff.

Lash_EyebrowLip Brush

This is a fine, soft and tapered brush usually found as retractable and because it is used with cream based product, it should be synthetic. They help to blend in the lip liner with the lipstick and just give a better way to fill in the creases and outline the lips.

Lip BrushSo there you have it. This guide will help you select the makeup brushes for your basic application needs. You will be amazed at how much better your face will look once you apply your makeup with the right tools.

Eyeshadow Palettes From Rue La La

I like eyeshadow, but I’m only interested in specific colors and brands; and because I’m sort of frugal, I only buy eyeshadows on Cyber Monday or from flash sale sites like ideeli, Gilt Groupe and Rue La La. I realize I’m not that makeup-trend-forward, but to me, restocking my eyeshadows semi-yearly is about all I need.

My most recent eyeshadows came from Rue La La, in gift form, from Amy the concierge at Rue La La. She knew I had a bad user experience while their website wasn’t working properly, so she sent me the Smashbox ‘Eye Wish’ Palette and the Tarte TEN Limited Edition Collector’s Palette.
image of smashbox eyeshadow and tarte eyeshadow

Smashbox ‘Eye Wish’ Palette

This is a nicely packaged limited -edition palette with 12 shadows and 4 cream eyeliners (which I really need) and DNA mascara. The palette also comes with a very informative Look Book that will help me figure out how to put this stuff on properly.

image of Smashbox eye wish palette

Tarte TEN Limited Edition Collector’s Palette

This palette comes in a refillable (and therefore reuseable) gold studded case. Enclosed are 10 eyeshadows, eye liner (which I really need) and an eyeshadow brush.

image of tarte ten limited edition collectors palette

Thanks again Amy for this wonderful gift, I really do appreciate the great customer service experience you’ve provided.

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